3 Sleep Tips for Newborns

I remember the nights of not sleeping or sleeping on and off when I had a newborn. I thought to myself does this Little One understand that we need rest. LOL. 2 or 3 weeks later and still no change in sleep pattern. But after a simple changes in what I was doing my Little One was finally sleeping through the night. Check out these three simple tips to help you and baby sleep better.

1. Sleep When The Baby Sleeps.

I didn't quite get this one when my Mom told me when I had my first child but I got it the second time around. Don't try to cook, clean, or run errands when the Little One is sleep. Try to take a small nap. This maybe hard but it's the best way to get rest if you are not sleeping at night.

2. Keep Little Ones Up During The Day.

After the feedings the Little Ones tend to want to go fast asleep. I would suggest walking around with them or keep them engaged for 5 minutes. If they are up in the day time than they will want to sleep at night.

3. Swaddle At Night
Swaddling Little Ones at night help them to sleep longer.  Swaddling prevents Little Ones from startling themselves awake. Remember to use a thin blankets so baby don't over heat and never cover their faces. Sometimes swaddle only arms works as well.