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[Milestone Blankets] - www.Naptimekids.com
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Blue Chevron Nap Mat Cover with attached blanket, Perfect for Daycare centers, Preschool, and Traveling

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Cover your child's Nap Mat with the Blue Chevron Nap Mat cover with attached blanket. The Blue Chevron cover and blanket set can keep your child comfortable and warm while napping at daycare, school, or traveling. No more letting the little ones lay on cold plastic mats. The Nap Mat Cover is made from a soft plush cotton material that is lightweight and durable to withstand weekly washings. The zipper enclosure protects the Nap Mat from dirt and damage. The blanket extends pass the Nap Mat for added coverage. Perfect for preschools, daycares, and traveling.


Cotton cover


Zipper Enclosure

Material: 100% Cotton and Polyester

(Nap Mat not included)

Will fit the following nap mats :

KinderMat 1"

Angelas Rest Mat 1"

Über Mom Mats 1"